Love and Death

Caring for my dad has been much more difficult recently because we’ve been facing some of the same emotional issues with our animals.

Last month, my spouse and I lost, to death, a cat we’d rescued only a year and a half earlier. Suzume had been only a day or two from death when our daughter saw her in our yard; she was starving and almost unable to walk. She weighed six pounds then; she was skeletal, her skin like leather in all the many places where fur was missing.

Within a few months she was up to thirteen pounds, a different cat entirely; the sweetest and most purely loving one we have ever owned. For nearly a year she did well, and then began losing weight: It was clear that she was far older than the vet had originally thought. Cared-for, well-fed, and well-loved, she was dying of old age.

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Easy-to-Hold Zipper Pulls

Image of a Ring-Shaped Zipper Pull with a HookZippers are the smoothest fasteners around, and they’re the quickest to do up. But they’re no fun if you can’t hold onto the tabs. Herewith, a few tools to make zippers glide with minimal fuss. Clothing is an obvious use for these, but any of them should work just as well on bags, pouches, and even shoes.


Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, so here’s a round-up of gift suggestions for moms everywhere — all designed to make Mom’s life easier, better or just plain nicer. This list is meant particularly for moms living in nursing homes or in assisted living, but you can also find a host of other gift suggestions in the categories listed to the right (below the “Latest Posts” section).

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Holders for Playing Cards

Image of a Blue Plastic Playing Card HolderPlaying cards is a favorite pastime for many people, and a fine way to spend time companionably during a nursing home or sick room visit when conversation lags. Depending on the game, even very young children and adults of all abilities can join in.


Taking the Train to the Abilities Expo

Image of Abilities Expo LogoI spent a long weekend in New York City last week, and attended the New York Metro Abilities Expo in Edison, New Jersey, on the way up to the city. It was a great experience; I met some old acquaintances from other expos, tried out some new gear, and generally had a good time exploring and poking around the booths and displays.

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Why You Might Want to Pay $500 for Titanium Eye Glasses

Image of Eye Glasses Being RepairedA couple of months ago, I wrote about the the titanium glasses we got for my dad and discussed the amazing flexibility of the frames. This week they were put to the test. It’s not quite clear what happened — apparently my dad’s glasses landed on the floor and were either stepped on by an aide or perhaps wheeled over by . . . well, we won’t say who.

Image of a Swiss Army Card Tool Kit


Handle Adapter to Make Pulling Luggage Simpler

Image of a Rotating Luggage Handle AdapterWheeled luggage is great for surviving long lines when traveling, but dragging it by the handle can be hard on wrists, arms and shoulders. Reaching behind to grab a bar that seems to always be at the wrong angle gets old fast.


Acessibility for Computer Gamers

Image of the Game Accessibility IconA group from The Netherlands, the Bartiméus Accessibility Foundation, has a website devoted to encouraging and facilitating accessibility to computer games for “gamers who function under limiting conditions . . . such as blindness, deafness, or mobility limitations.”