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Strain-Relieving Handle for Rollling Suitcases and Bags

If you’re attempting to fly with American Airlines this week, there’s probably nothing in the world that can make the experience better. In the future, though, if you find yourself traversing airports with bags in tow, this device might be your best companion, particularly if you have wrist or hand pain that is aggravated by the handles on rolling bags.

There are quite a few similar handles available, but this is the one I use. Here’s why: the grabber rotates 360 degrees. That means that I can always keep my hand where it’s most comfortable; it makes pulling my bags easy and pain-free.

Someone was really thinking when the attachment was designed, too: the hook and loop fasteners are on both sides of the bar that attaches to your bag handle. That keeps the TravelTow handle firmly in place, but allow you to rotate where you want it.

I use mine nearly everyday; one is attached to my rolling shopping basket. It works perfectly on my rolling computer case, too, as well as on suitcases.

TravelTow Handle Adapter by Lewis N. Clark; available at travel gear stores and various places online.