Handle Adapter to Make Pulling Luggage Simpler

Image of a Rotating Luggage Handle AdapterWheeled luggage is great for surviving long lines when traveling, but dragging it by the handle can be hard on wrists, arms and shoulders. Reaching behind to grab a bar that seems to always be at the wrong angle gets old fast.

This accessory connects easily and firmly to just about any suitcase handle using firm hook-and-loop tape attached to a bar. Because the handle has a 360 degree swivel, your hand pulls the suitcase in the most natural position possible — with your palm facing your side. It’s designed well enough that there’s no wobble once it’s attached, so the pulling motion feels quite natural — it’s easier and smoother than using the luggage handle.

Because the part you hold is a loop, this is a tool that might be helpful for people with some types of grasp impairment, too.

It’s large enough to fit just about every hand size, but not so large that it would be inconvenient to pack. I suspect it’s not too big to attach to a bag and leave in place while you travel. It’s sturdy, but not particularly bulky.

TravelTow Luggage Handle Adapter from Lewis N. Clark; available at luggage and travel supply stores, and online at Amazon and elsewhere.