Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, so here’s a round-up of gift suggestions for moms everywhere — all designed to make Mom’s life easier, better or just plain nicer. This list is meant particularly for moms living in nursing homes or in assisted living, but you can also find a host of other gift suggestions in the categories listed to the right (below the “Latest Posts” section).

For TV-watching moms:

Simple Remote Controls for TV

Sleek, Super-Size Remote Control

Fun and Games:

Marble Run for Dexterity and Better Hand Coordination

Holders for Playing Cards

Engaging Hand-Held Game for One or More

Better than a card:

Coloring Books For Adults

Loving company:

Companion Pets — Blondie the Golden Retriever

Companion Pets — Puzzle the Cat

Alzheimer’s Doll — We All Need Someone to Love

For moms who wear glasses:

Pin Holders to Keep Reading Glasses Close

And for moms who often feel cold, a lightweight fleece cardigan:

Clothing and Communication