Your life, my life, everyone’s life. This is a website about the physical limitations usually described as “disabilities,” and the gear, gadgets, and schemes that can make life better, easier, and more feasible.

If you’re not disabled, this is still a blog for you, because, if you live long enough, you will be disabled eventually. Maybe only for a day or a week, but it will happen. You’ll crash while skiing, or hit your thumb with a hammer. Maybe you’ll get careless with your contact lenses and infect your eyes, or just misplace your glasses for a day. Or shatter your wrist in an auto accident, or slam your head on a pole that you didn’t see in time while strolling along. And then you’ll know a little bit more about life with limitations.

In the meantime, though, here’s one person’s take on a world most people rarely think of. Life with limitations and the gear that makes things work. Welcome to GearAbility — the tools and tricks that make the difference.

You might want to start by reading these posts about who I am and one of the reasons I started this site. You can respond to something I’ve written by following the comments link after each article. If you want to contact me directly or submit your ideas for possible future topics, my email address is Marty [at] GearAbility.com

You can also click on the Review and Ad Policy page for further information about the mechanics of reviewing products, and how I feel about advertising.

If you’ve never read a blog (which is short for “web log”) before you might find the format somewhat confusing. When I write a new article for the site, it will appear at the top of the front page, and older articles will appear below it. You can find more articles by following the archives link that appears at the top of every page. Please enjoy the site and email me your suggesions.

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