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Holders for Playing Cards

Image of a Blue Plastic Playing Card HolderPlaying cards is a favorite pastime for many people, and a fine way to spend time companionably during a nursing home or sick room visit when conversation lags. Depending on the game, even very young children and adults of all abilities can join in.

Cards are no fun, though, if they’re difficult to hold. Young children and anyone with arthritis or some types of grasp impairments will find that playing is more enjoyable when they use a card holder like these, all of which are carried online at Elderstore. You also may be able to find them at game or stationery stores, or at hospital gift shops.

The blue plastic model, above left, is one we have. It’s curved, and the cards sit in a fan-shape, which I prefer, probably just because that’s the way card hands usually look. This model’s taller than most, and cards sit higher. Gripper pads on the sides keep it from sliding around. Sold in a set of two.

Image of a Wooden Playing Card HolderThe hardwood holder, to the right, has three grooves, which allows the cards to be arranged so that they seem to be fanned — a nice feature. The wood is attractive, too, and won’t look quite as garish in a well-appointed room, whether in a house or in a nursing home. Sold singly.

Image of a Clear Plastic Holder for Playing CardsModernists, and Mah Jong players, will like this clear plastic holder, available in 10 inch or 15 inch lengths. There’s a place for a pencil, and also for Mah Jong tiles. These holders are sold in sets of four.

You may have seen round card holders as well — they’re sometimes available at ‘dollar’ stores or where party supplies are sold. They may work for some people, but they do require the same sort of pinching grasp as holding cards in the traditional manner.