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Slippers for Swollen or Sensitive Feet

berber slippersNo-Slip Fleece Socks are just the right thing when warmth is the major consideration, but sometimes a true slipper is what’s needed. For feet that can change size during the course of a day or a week, a slipper that wraps gently, expanding and contracting accordingly, is an excellent solution.

women's velcro terry slippersThe men’s version of this slipper is available in both terry cloth and berber fleece from The Vermont Country Store. The women’s comes only in terry, but in a wider range of colors than those for the guys.

I bought a pair of these for my dad when he couldn’t wear his sheepskin slippers any longer. At first I worried that the open toe wouldn’t be warm enough, but that wasn’t a problem; the air circulation was great for his toenails, and the bit of extra room good for his toes.

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6 replies on “Slippers for Swollen or Sensitive Feet”

I aam VERY interested in purchasing your slippers for my father. I tried to order them and I could not. I am in the U.S, could that be the reason. Please help. My father is 85 yrs. old, and I’ve bought him 5 different pairs! These would be perfect. Please tell me what I have to do to get them.
Sincerely, Marie

Hi, Marie — We do not sell any products here; as noted in the post above, these slippers are available at The Vermont Country Store. Click here to go to the direct link. I’ve also added a link at the bottom of the post above to another post about similar, but sheepskin, slippers. The sheepskin ones are much harder to find, but you may be interested in them as well.

Did you mean to write that you are inside the USA? If so, you should have no trouble ordering from The Vermont Country Store. They have a good reputation for being helpful; I’m sure they can assist you if you were to give them a call.

I am desperate to find adjustable slippers to fit my very swollen feet with a high instep bone. Need equivalent to 14EEEE. Went to Vermont Country Store site — which said “Sorry, not now available” Do you have any other leads or suggestions?

Robert, try the manufacturer of my dad’s sheepskin slippers: They are Old Friend Footwear; the URL is

Have you seen my post Soothing Adjustable Slippers?. These slippers are mentioned there.

If they can’t help you, you might try to find an older shoe repair person, or someone who makes custom shoes. They couldn’t make fabric ones like the ones in the above post, but they might be able to make custom sheepskin slippers for you.

You also might try Wide Shoes.Com or even Zappos.Com. I don’t know anything about Wide Shoes, but know people who shop at Zappo’s; they have an excellent return policy and a reputation for being quite helpful.

If you’re really desperate and willing to do something a bit wacky, try contacting the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) at SCA.Org. This is an historical re-creation society; some members make their own shoes, and someone there might be willing to rise to this challenge, particularly if there’s a chapter near you.

Hope this helps — good luck with your search.

Thank you very much for your response. Had been to, but Zappo’s was a revelation with an amazing inventory and great site and service — unfortunately, even they could not meet my “requirements” in the slippers category.

You’re very welcome, Robert. I’m very sorry that didn’t work out for you. Sounds as if you may need to go the less conventional route. You might try just pulling out the phone book and calling shoe repair shops — someone may have a lead, even if they themselves can’t help you. Best of luck — I hope you’re ultimately successful.

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