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Noisy Shoes for Toddlers

pipsqueaker oxfordBack in the middle of the 20th century, it was very common to attach little white plastic barrels to toddler’s shoes. The barrels unscrewed at one end so they could be slipped over a tied shoelace — locking it in place, neatly tied. On top of the barrel was a single jingle bell, presumably for said child’s amusement, but also so that anyone could track the little rascal’s movements by ear alone.

choke tube testerNowadays this device would probably fail the CPSC‘s choking tube faster than a lima bean, but if you want noisy shoes, you need look no further than the Pipsqueakers website for a tracking system for parents whose ears are better than their eyes.

pipsqueaker mary janePipsqueakers suggests that their shoes may also motivate tykes who are reluctant to walk or step. Some styles can be modified to help reduce toe walking by placing the squeaker so that a heel strike is necessary to make it sound.

Pipsqueakers won’t do much for shoelaces, but that’s why Velcro was invented.

Choke Tube Tester from Kaplan Toys

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I bought these for my little toe walker and I have to say I LOVED them and so did he. It helped him with walking heel to toe, and made walking with him in a public place a wonderful experience- I never had to worry about him taking off because I heard every footstep! Great product:)

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