Gift Suggestions

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and a good excuse to give a gift to someone you care about. Holidays are especially important in nursing homes because they keep the days from being too routine, and act as a touchstone to lifelong events.

Gifts of music, magazines, books, sweets (where they won’t cause any harm), and flowers (where allowed) are always good ideas, but I’ve also mentioned a few in this blog that you may not have thought of. Click ‘Gifts’ in the categories to the right (scroll down to see the list) to see those articles, or follow the links below.

Coloring Books for Adults (see also Elastic Band for Holding Paper/Small Objects on Tray Table)

No-Slip Fleece Socks

Slippers for Swollen or Sensitive Feet

Alzheimer’s Doll — We All Need Someone To Love

Companion Pets — Blondie, The Golden Retriever

Companion Pets — Puzzle, the Cat

Super Large Date/Time Analog Clock