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Simple Two-Person Transfer Sling

Image of a Gimpgear Personal Transfer SlingPreviously, I’ve written about the hydraulic lift I used to transfer my dad from his wheelchair onto the seat of a car. It’s a great device, but cumbersome and requires installation in whatever vehicle is being used.

The sling in the picture above (left) is quite similar to the one my dad’s automatic lift. The difference is that the Comfort Carrier doesn’t require a mechanical arm. If you’re in situations where there are usually two people available to help with a transfer, this is a far simpler — and much less expensive — solution.

It’s surprisingly easy to slip this kind of sling around someone — even if they cannot help to put it on. The upper part slides down the back; then the lower side pieces slip under the thighs, and then around and in front. It’s not necessary to lift off a chair to get the sling in place.

The website lists a phenomenal number of potential uses from the everyday (getting in and out of bed) to sports (transfer more simply to a kayak or canoe) to travel (trains, buses, cruise ships) and more.

If you regularly travel in several different cars, use taxis with family members or friends, or are travelling anywhere transport may be inaccessible to wheelchairs, this sling could make a whole slew of obstacles melt away. Likewise, it could be a very useful carry-on for air travelers; folded it’s just 10 inches by 11 by 3.

Using this carrier could potentially simplify an RV or camping trip considerably — possibly even eliminating the need for a custom lift on an RV, and making transfers around the campsite much less problematic. If a beach wheelchair isn’t the answer for you, the Comfort Carrier might get you down to the water with minimal fuss.

The company also suggests using the sling as an emergency evacuation tool — a way to get down stairs when elevators break down, or to remove quickly and easily to higher ground in flooding, etc.. People who use wheelchairs at work in situations where there isn’t immediate access to an exterior door on a ground floor might feel a greater measure of security if they keep one at the office — and make sure co-workers know how to use it.

Gimpgear’s Comfort Carrier personal transfer sling comes in two sizes, for people up to 380 lbs. See lots of testimonials and customer photos on the Gimpgear website.

Gimpgear? That’s right — ya gotta have a sense of humor. The self-described a C-5 quad who is president of the company marketing the Comfort Carrier obviously does.

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I just came across this looking at referring links for our site. Thank you for the great review on the Comfort Carrier! Do you mind if I make it available on our website? (This is Mark Felling, the C5 quadriplegic referred to article). We are currently working with a company specializing in an emergency equipment for buildings such as fire extinguishers and automatic defibrillators to create a evacuation package for the patent pending Comfort Carrier for any multistory public building!

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Mark Felling
Quadriplegic Engineer, Inventor, MBA
President of GimpGear by Broadened Horizons

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