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Peng Shulin

Image of a Happy Man with a Whole Lower Body ProsthesisThe smile says it all. This man, Peng Shulin, spent 12 years in bed after an encounter with a truck left him with only half a body. Doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing recently engineered the device Peng wears here so that he could finally ambulate again. Peng undertook extensive physical therapy to strengthen wasted muscles in his arms and trunk once the Center discovered him; he’s now learning to use his new prosthesis using a specially adapted walker.

A UK article calls the legs “bionic”, but it looks as if they may be a bit less complicated than than that; English-language media reports are a bit unclear as to exactly how the prosthesis works. Whatever the actual nature of the device, this is clearly a case where an indomitable will and human ingenuity have resulted in an astonishing reclamation of one man’s life. Kind of makes Heather Mills’ prothesis look like a bit of frippery, doesn’t it?

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