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Countertop Vegetable Cutter for Knife-Free Slicing

Image of a Lever-Style Vegetable CutterCooks who have trouble cutting vegetables might want to take a look at this Jumbo Vegetable Cutter. I find this style of slicer easier (and safer) to use than the better-known mandolines. I haven’t used this particular model myself (though I think there may be one in my future), but there’s a great review up at Econerd Food. Econerd writes:

. . . the vegetable cutter is one of the unsung heroes of my kitchen. It saves both time and labor, it’s easy to clean, and fun to use – making a cool thwapping sound as the veggies are pushed through the blades, ending up in perfect uniform slices. The cutter is actually so powerful that it’s best to do it next to the sink with a big bowl to catch the vegetable projectiles.

Econerd recommends it particularly for chopping mass quantities, but it should do quite well for smaller portions as well. Dexterity is probably not required, but the ability to push down on the lever would be important. This could be an excellent tool for cooks with arthritis or other hand impairments that make chopping difficult. If the suction cups on the bottom are particularly effective, you might need only one hand to do your chopping.

Jumbo Vegetable Cutter, available online at Surfas