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Collapsible Travel Crutches

Image of a Black and Chrome Travel CrutchCrutches, like eyeglasses, are one of life’s little miracles. So simple, so straightforward, and so very good at what they do. But they’re a pain to travel with — too long and inflexible to stash conveniently anywhere when you’re not using them. The inventive Thomas Fetterman offers a different take on crutches — kind of a Swiss-Army-knife version — so that your trip can be more about the travel than it is about your crutches.

Image of Travel Crutch in a Mesh BagFetterman’s Telescoping Travel Crutches adjust to fit people from 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches tall, but collapse into a column just 29 inches long — stowable in the overhead compartment in most planes. The configuration is more cane-like than like traditional crutches, with a sleek neoprene underarm pad, and a black foam pistol-style handgrip. They are, according to the website, “sturdy enough to use as full time everyday crutches”, and each crutch can be converted into a cane. The weight limit is 250 pounds; sold with a mesh travel bag.

Veddy, veddy pricey at $195 [USD] per crutch.