Truck-Spotting, Wheelchair-Style

Image of a Man in a Wheelchair Whose Handles are Stuck in the Grille of a TruckHere’s a hazard you probably never considered. The handles on this unidentified fellow’s power chair stuck in the grille of a semi-truck when the two were stopped at a gas station.

Four miles later — after travelling at speeds up to 50 MPH — the truck stopped and the shocked driver realized he had a hitchhiker. Police caught up to the pair just outside of Paw Paw, Michigan.

Add another notch for seatbelt use — the 21-year-old who was in the chair had his latched. He’s uninjured, but it looks as if his cupholder (lower right) didn’t make it.

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Definitely an incredible story. I think he may be replacing his tires a little sooner than he expected to, though.

Thanks for your comment.

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