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Extra-Large Easy-to-Hold Pill Organizer

Image of a Large Pill OrganizerIt’s amazing what helpful things turn up in unexpected places. Witness this pill organizer 7-compartment craft organizer sold by Craft Mates. It’s large enough for almost any number of giant pills, has a compartment for every day in the week, and easy-open, easy-close lids for each section.

Its size (about six inches in diameter by about one-and-one-quarter inches high) and the handy hole in the middle make it easy to grasp, too. Although the label doesn’t mention it, it just happens that the first letter for each day of the week is inscribed on the box in Braille.

Image of a Large Pill Organizer with Retail Label IntactDon’t go looking for this one at the pharmacy, though — I saw it in the crafts section at a WalMart store for under three dollars. (You can see how it’s packaged at the right.)

If you could find it at a pharmacy — because, guess what, the small print on the label says it’s made by Apothecary Products, Inc. — I’ll bet you’d pay close to three times as much. Or more. Because you know the rule — if it’s medical equipment, it’s gotta be hugely expensive.

Before going that route, check out the bead section of any craft store for this organizer and other, similar, options. You might be pleasantly surprised.

2 replies on “Extra-Large Easy-to-Hold Pill Organizer”

I like this! thanks for the suggestion–I am racking up a bunch of prescriptions–so much so, that I have had to ditch my old pill cases (they were too small for my pills, some that are quite large). Instead, I’ve been carrying around the whole pill bottles.

I’d much rather get a pill case again.

You’re welcome! I’ve done the ‘hauling around the bottles’ thing myself, and much prefer this solution. I’m a big fan of the seven compartments, too — they’re a good check for daily doses, just in case I’ve sleep-walked through breakfast.

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