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Slippers With Built-In Lights

Image of a Pair of Brightly Striped Slippers with Lights in the ToesSooner or later, just about everyone walks (or falls) into something on the way to a light switch in the middle of the night. These Bright Feet slippers are ‘bright’ in more ways than one, though, and are a marvelous way to get across a room when there are no other lights on. These are also a great alternative to a night light that is too bright or not usefully located.

Tiny, but brilliant, LED lights are embedded in the front of each slipper. There’s a sensor on one side of the slipper, which turns on the LED only when it’s dark. Batteries go in a slot on the other side of each slipper.

Image of a Pair of Pink Slippers with Lights in the ToesI was a little dubious about the quality of the illumination before I tried them, but I shouldn’t have been. LEDs are powerful, and these slippers provide an amazing range of vision. (Twenty to 25 feet, according to the manufacturer. That seems about right to me.) You don’t have to watch your feet; instead you just look normally ahead to where you are going. I’ve never felt so safe walking around a darkened house.

Much to my surprise, these are also extremely comfortable slippers, with plenty of padding in the sole. I’d rank their comfort level right up there with the best slippers I’ve owned. The non-slip soles are lightweight and sturdy, and the pair I have fit me perfectly.

Image of a Pair of Beige Slippers with Lights in the ToesAt first, I noticed that the left slipper’s light didn’t go on as quickly as the right, but re-seating my foot, and putting a little more pressure in the toe area (as suggested by the manufacturer) solved that problem.

Unlike other slippers, though, these can’t go in the washing machine — surface washing will have to do. They’re fine for indoor and outdoor use, but, naturally, can’t be worn where water is likely to get into them.

Image of a Pair of Camouflage Slippers with Lights in the ToesStrangely, these slippers don’t come in a closed-heel style, making them a poor choice for homes with stairs, or for anyone whose gait or balance would be negatively affected by wearing slip-on, clog-style footwear. We have stairs, and I need those closed backs to navigate safely, so I’ll be adding a strap across the back of each slipper. But hey, Bright Feet, how about a choice of styles for greater safety?

Bright Feet Lighted Slippers, available for men and women in Stripe, Navy, Black, Pink, Beige, and Camo (yes, that’s really camouflage on the left above!)