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Wheelchair Canopy for Sun or Rain

shade.jpgSpring rain is falling with a vengeance in many parts of the country, and soon we’ll be contending with the sun of summer. If you use a scooter or wheelchair outdoors frequently, you may be interested in these canopies sold by Diestco. There are three models: one that’s all solid fabric; one that has mesh on the sides and rear; and a third one, just like the second, but with drop-down plastic curtains. (Each available in five colors, for the fashionistas among us.)

Initial installation takes about 20 minutes, according to the website. Mounting methods for several common wheelchair styles are shown, but if your scooter or chair differs, Diestco invites you to describe your needs when you order.

Diestco also offers a variety of armrest bags that look thoughtfully designed, and cupholders for scooters, power, and manual chairs, along with many other accessories.

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I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I found myself reading through most of your posts as I enjoy the detail and personal opinions that you have put forth in your blog. Particularly posts like your Disaboom one was very interesting. It doesn’t look like you blog anymore as I haven’t seen any updates for a while but anyway did you end up getting one of the Diestco style wheelchair and scooter bags? I saw your post on a different brand of bags a while back and I’m interested to see a more detailed outlook from you on these bags/covers/canopies.

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