Journalist Sally Young, Formerly an Osteosarcoma Patient, On UK TV

with-koala.jpgSally Young, a BBC journalist who writes the blog Out on a Limb , is the subject of a BBC ‘Inside Out’ story that will air tomorrow in Great Britain. Like other ‘Inside Out’ stories, I’d expect that this one will be available on the Internet for seven days afterward, for those of us who aren’t in the UK. (Check the ‘Inside Out’ “Yorks-and-Lincs” tag in the sidebar for the link once the show’s aired.) It should also turn up in the archives next year.

Sally was diagnosed with osteosarcoma just before she was to be married. Her initial chemotherapy failed, and her leg was amputated as a result; the BBC has covered her story, and her blog has covered it in detail as well. Although Sally was told she was infertile, this year she and her husband Pete unexpectedly became parents. In addition to life “out on a limb”, Sally’s now writing about life with daughter Holly.

There’s an excellent interview with Sally on the ‘Inside Out’ site; if you, or anyone you know, is facing a similar situation to Sally’s, it’s well worth reading, as is Sally’s blog.