John Callahan

cal-satan.gifBlack humor has gotten many a sorry human over a rough patch in life, and I, personally, am not immune to its lure. My dad is ill enough now that his mind has begun to play tricks on him; it works far better for both of us if we look upon these episodes as humorous diversions, rather than acknowledging, on a daily basis, the truth of what this change really means. Emotional survival trumps just about everything in these situations.

In this spirit, I offer up John Callahan. The PC police, the sensitive, and the just plain humorless — all of whom are absolutely entitled to their opinions (and, for that matter, welcome to them)– had probably better stop reading here. Callahan is a master of the absurd, but he’s not exactly over-imbued with politesse.

He is, however, screamingly funny, and brilliant at skewering the idiots, and idiocies, he encounters in life. There’s a website, and a large collection of books. From his website’s “General Store” (“open 24 hours a day, wheelchair accessible”), this description of his book The Best of Callahan:

This book is not for the timid, the easily offended, the politically correct, or your grandparents. It’s for people who like their humor dark . . . about issues Mom and Dad told us were impolite to talk about in public. If you find offense, you shouldn’t have been looking! We’re not the boss of you . . .

That about covers it.

Oh, yeah — Callahan’s been using a wheelchair since an auto accident when he was 21. Those who are both depraved and living with a disability will especially enjoy his point of view. Bon appetit!