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Tool for Accessible Tooth-Flossing

Image of a Dental Flosser with a HandleTeeth. They’re kind of the neglected step-children of health. They need brushing; they need flossing. Brushing is less hard — flossing is, well, tricky for just about everybody. Any dentist worth talking to will tell you that flossing is what your gums and teeth need, every day, to stay as healthy as possible. You can tear off a bit of floss, wrap it around two fingers on two hands and then perform acrobatic contortions inside your mouth — or you can try using this flosser.

This neat little tool is designed to be used one-handed, and holds a short bit of floss taut between two little ‘posts’. You slip the floss between your teeth (and behind the very last upper and lower ones) and gently rub. Your dentist or hygienist can show you the exact technique, but it’s common sense: stick close to the surface of your teeth, be gentle, and don’t hurt your gums.

If you help someone else with oral hygiene, this device might make the job much simpler and nicer for everyone involved. The only tricky part? Replacing the little heads the floss is attached to, which either requires some extra dexterity or two hands.

I’ve found that the heads don’t need to be changed daily as long as the flosser is rinsed after use. If you have gum disease or other medical issues affecting your mouth, best to check with your doctor or dentist about replacement frequency, but I just replace mine when they fray or break from use — they’re surprisingly long-lasting.

Reach Access Daily Flosser: available just about anywhere you buy toothbrushes