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An Unusual Prosthetic Finger

Image of a Variety of Prothesis for Partial Finger AmputationsThese odd-seeming devices are partial finger prostheses, designed to fit over residual portions of amputated fingers. The mechanisms fit into a silicone casing to mimic natural fingers, and, according to the manufacturer, flex and extend naturally.

There’s no power source — the X-Finger is designed to move in response to activity in the residual finger:

The replaced phalanges will follow the natural bending pattern of a finger. Combined lateral and vertical flexion/extension movements can be independently and immediately restored.

Pretty impressive, what? But there’s more!

The X-Finger will allow the user to regain complete control of the articulation of the device simply by moving their residual finger. Benefits will include typing; playing a musical instrument or anything that requires the full dexterity of a hand.

Image of a Prosthetic Finger on a HandEach is custom made. Didrick Medical, purveyors of this wonderful device, will evaluate each person’s situation without charge, utilizing the charmingly low-tech technique of reviewing a faxed photocopy of the hand in question.

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Update 6/3/2007: Image with hand (without cosmetic silicone cover) added