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A Life-Like, Fully-Articulated Prosthetic Hand

Image of HandsIf ‘fully-functioning’ is the gold standard in prosthetics, then the new i-LIMB prosthetic hand must come awfully close to the platinum standard — form and function taken to new heights. Take a look at the picture above of the i-LIMB and the comesis that covers it. Can you tell which hand is the prosthetic?

Image of iLIMB Bionic Hand

Each of the i-LIMB’s digits are individually powered; myoelectric controls are used to control the hand. The manufacturer says that function is intuitive for users of previous generation myoelectric prostheses, minimizing the adjustment phase.

Image of a Prosthetic Hand Holding a Cell PhoneSensitivity is considerably enhanced, even compared to previous myoelectric devices. All five digits are fully articulated, and a rotating thumb offers a greater range of grip possibilities.

Sgt. Juan Arredondo, who lost a hand in Iraq, now uses an i-LIMB.

“I can pick up a Styrofoam cup without crushing it,” said Sgt. Arredondo. “With my other myoelectric hand, I would really have to concentrate on how much pressure I was putting on the cup. The i-LIMB hand does things naturally. I can just grab the cup like a regular person.”

Maintenance is a departure, too — each digit can be removed independently if necessary for repairs, meaning that it isn’t necessary to go without the whole prosthesis for a prolonged period while repairs are done.

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Arredondo quote and additional information on the Touch Biotronics website