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Gripping Mesh for Mealtime and More

Image of a Roll of Grippy Shelf LinerThe physical therapy department at my dad’s nursing home added a grippy mesh to the seat of his wheelchair recently to keep him from slipping forward. I’m sure it came from a medical supply house, and I’ll bet it cost a fortune. I’ve got a secret, though — there’s a cheap, readily-available household product that might have worked just as well.

Grip It is sold as a shelf-liner, and it’s great for lining silverware drawers and buffering stacked-up dishes. But pick up a roll of this stuff, and you can use it for all kinds of things — anywhere you want to keep something, or someone, from slipping. Use it on a slippery wheelchair cushion, on a wooden seat, or an easy chair.

Make a placemat out of Grip It by cutting a rectangle to keep dishes from slipping. Or be more discreet and cut circles to fit under plates, bowls, cups and mugs. A small mat of Grip It on a table makes a slip-free zone where small objects (eye glasses, pencils, remotes) can be placed — they’ll stay put while you pick them up. You get the idea . . . and all this for just about $8.00 (USD) a roll.

This PVC-coated mesh is hand washable and easily cut with ordinary scissors. It’s available in white, above, from Stacks and Stacks, but elsewhere in much more practical dark green and black, as well as a range of seasonal colors. Find it just about anywhere kitchen and household goods are sold.

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I highly suggest you pick up a roll of this stuff. I’ve used it for placing on trivets (keeps that hot pot bowl from sliding off while you carry it to the table), placing under cushions on the couch that seem to slip off all the time, and a bunch of other uses, including under placemats. It’s great in the car, too, to keep your cell phone or MP3 player from sliding around (and it sure beats paying $8 for an “iGrip” pad that’s about 4″ x 6″ of the same stuff you pay $3.99 for a 12″x72″ roll). I also suggest using it between your non-stick pans, if you stack them together. The slight padding of the mat helps protect the non-stick interior.

Great comment, Eric! Thanks for all the additional suggestions — we always have a roll around the house and seem to never run out of new ways to use it.

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