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Wearable Robotic Suit for Power-Lifting for Caregivers

Image of a Hal-5 Robotic ExoskeletonmedGadget recently posted a brief article about the HAL-5 exoskeleton, a Japanese invention that looks like Matsushita’s robotic arm on steriods (and with a few limbs added). The HAL-5 is also a wearable robotic device, intended particularly to give health care workers greater strength for lifting. There’s a link to an earlier medGadget article, as well as one to the original post at Engadget (English).

There’s a charmingly incoherent Google translation of an Engadget (Japanese) article from last October here, as well.

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I took a survey, last night, supposedly about baby boomer caregivers and the innovative technology they could use to help them with their job. Two unfortunates about the survey: It only mildly solicited suggestions and included nothing even remotely like this; in fact, the two technologies it reviewed wouldn’t help me at all. But, I’d love something like this. Although I don’t need it, now, I’m sure I’ll need it in the future.

It’s an interesting alternative to the Hoyer lifts now so much in use. In spite of the high-tech nature of these robotics, they seem ‘friendlier’ to me than the simpler (but very cold) Hoyers and their ilk.

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