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Vegetable Peeler for Hands with Grasp Impairment

Image of a Palm Vegetable PeelerA year and a half ago I nearly lopped off the tips of the first two fingers of my left hand. They’ve mended, but they’ve never really been the same. A few things have changed around our kitchen since then. I no longer (1) try to slice French bread by holding the loaf in mid-air, (2) I try — I really try — to pay more attention to cooking than to the conversation, and (3) we have a batch of useful new gadgets in case I forget about (1) and (2).

This Palm Peeler has made vegetable preparation less risky since the accident. It slips onto a finger on one hand — I like to wear it on my second finger — and curves naturally in my palm. I hold whatever I’m peeling — generally apples — in my slightly dysfunctional left hand, and all I have to do is cup my right hand — the one with the peeler — over the fruit or vegetable, pressing lightly. The movement is very natural, and it’s much more controllable than a traditional peeler.

The Palm Peeler is rubber, which lets it conform nicely to the hand. The open ring on the back automatically adjusts to fit. The blade is stainless steel, and a little shorter than ordinary peelers, but I find it just as efficient because this peeler does what I want it to. There’s a nifty little nib at the top that lets you quickly dispose of potato eyes and the like. It’s designed so that it should work equally well for lefties or righties.

It’s made by Chef’n, and available just about anywhere kitchen supplies congregate, and at places where a lot of other home stuff hangs out, like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Linens-n-Things.