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Prosthetics in the Real (British) World

Sally Young, a Blogger from the UK, has written a self-described “rant” about prosthetics. Sally lost a leg to cancer in 2005, and writes about the changes and events of her life since. Her real-life post about her own experience acquiring a prosthetic through the NHS (British National Health Service) is an interesting counterpoint to my post about high-tech comesis (specifically, silicone coverings for prosthetics) like the one used by Heather Mills. Sally’s Blog is called Out on a Limb: Life After Cancer; her article’s called Grrrr.

2 replies on “Prosthetics in the Real (British) World”

Thanks for providing content for me to use on our blog. I will be making a post soon that references your post regarding high-tech cosmesis and Sally Young’s blog. I may not have found Sally’s blog without reading yours. I’m new to writing and I am not nearly as prolific as you seem to be. I’m glad there are blogs like yours out there that I may draw upon.

I will continue to check back.

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