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Shoehorn With a Sense of Humor

IKEA Omsgorg ShoehornAh, IKEA, how did we ever manage without you? On our last visit we picked up another one of those basic essentials for good living — a long-handled shoehorn. No household is complete without one — but IKEA, as ever, carries the idea one (dare I say it?) step better: This shoehorn is a serpent. Turn it so that the hook faces you and you’ll be looking directly into the snakely visage. A shoehorn with a sense of humor — it’s what the world needs now.

Omsorg Shoehorn at IKEA (it’s on the Singapore site, but in stock, this week at least, in Plymouth Meeting in the good old US of A).

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Hi Marty,
I just wanted to introduce myself as a regular reader. I also wanted to thank-you for all the awesome infomation in your posts. Thanks again for the excellent job.

TB — Wow! Thanks for your kind words. I’m really happy to hear that you like the site. Your comment really made my day!

I’m looking for the: Omsorg ShoehornI there a place where I can order a couple of these items?

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