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Keeping Cords and Phone Lines Off the Floor

3M Mini ClipsThere’s a fair amount of wheeled or semi-wheeled gear in my dad’s room at his nursing home, along with an extra chair that is generally used by guests. Most of this stuff is kept on the far side of the room, so that Dad doesn’t have to fight the gear he’s not using. It’s always a little tricky swapping out the pieces when they’re needed, but I really complicated things when I moved Dad’s phone and ran a line around that part of the room, creating lots of opportunities to get the equipment tangled up with the cord.

Today I used these neat little clips to keep the phone line pressed against the wall, away from wheels and legs. Instead of clamps or hooks, these clips are tube-shaped, with one long edge open so that you can pop the cord into the channel inside the tube. The clips hold the line effectively, stay in place beautifully, aren’t at all obvious, and are an excellent antidote to the hazards posed by flopping cords and lines.

These clips use 3M’s ‘Command’ adhesive, a really terrific product that sticks well, but removes easily without leaving any residue or marks on most surfaces. It’s a great, low-impact way to stick whatever you need to, wherever you want it, without leaving a mess behind. You can buy most Command products just about anywhere hooks and such-like are sold, but if you’re having trouble finding these particular clips, the product number is 17017; they should turn up readily in an Internet search.