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Anti-Slip Traction Strips to Prevent Falls

Commercial Traction StripsMy dad has a serious problem with falling, and a worse one with recognizing how much danger this represents to him. Because he doesn’t acknowledge his physical difficulties in this area, working around this limitation is a high priority for everyone who cares for him.

Last week, one of his nurses found these high-traction strips at AliMed, and my dad’s nursing home has installed two of them on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet where he’s most likely to put his feet when pivoting and standing. The strips are thin, barely rising above the level of the floor, and textured like a heavy vinyl sandpaper.

AliMed calls these “anti-slip adhesive tape”; these particular strips are six inches by twenty-four inches and come in a pack of fifty for over $200 (USD). The same material is available in continuous rolls at a similar cost. Unfortunately, this kind of pricing isn’t really reasonable if you’re buying for an individual home.

Anti-Slip Traction StripsA better solution might be something like these “anti-slip tread strips” offered by Sporty’s Tool Shop. At just under $8 (USD) per strip (three or more for just over $7 apiece), they don’t require a major bankroll if you’re just buying a few. Both products are “peel-and-stick” and claim to be water- grease- and oil-resistant. Sporty’s are also available in glow-in-the-dark or reflective styles.