Just In Case Your Injury Isn’t Serious Enough Already

Adaptive MotorcyclesThis one’s a little hard to categorize, but for you daredevil types out there who miss the thrills you used to know, Adaptive Engineering has a motorcycle for you.

Adaptive Engineering can equip your motorcycle with our unique automatic kickstand (AKS) (patent pending) that keeps the bike upright when you come to a stop. And with our hand controlled shifting system you’ll never miss a gear. Our system can be installed on just about any motorcycle.

I don’t know what kind of engineers these guys are, but model Erick is a little confused about equipment — his wheelchair’s wearing a helmet, but he isn’t.

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I think this device is awesome and can’t wait to get back riding again. I think once I get this on me bike and get back riding around more of these devices will be sold. I think that not many people know about this but once word gets around more sales should increase greatly. Thanks for a great invention!

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