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Ergonomic, Adjustable Tableware

Good Grips TablewareOXO makes a whole line of ergonomic kitchen supplies for anybody’s kitchen. People with arthritis, who have had strokes, or who have difficulty gripping standard tableware might especially like their ‘Good Grips’ eating utensils. The business ends are stainless steel; the handles are cushioned and ribbed to make them grippy. There’s a guard on the knife to prevent slipping, and minimal force is needed to cut. The shafts are adjustable to that each utensil can be individualy angled.

Aids for Arthritis sells a five piece set (fork, knife, soup spoon, two teaspoons). Click on ‘kitchen’ to find them — there’s no search function on the website.

You may be able to buy individual pieces elsewhere if you prefer — or if you want extras.

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