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Shoelaces — Tie and Wrap

Shoelaces, those clever fasteners, have bedeviled us since their invention, untying at will and leaving us disheveled, or worse, splayed all over the floor. Mousetraps aside, the Nobel awarded by the daily-living gods may one day be offered for the perfect shoelace solution. Accordingly, here’s another nominee: a velcro wrap invented by a coach in Texas.

It’s a simple idea: tie the shoelaces, then wrap a bit of velcro around the knot. To release, just pull theLace Wraps shoelace end (deflating, as it were, the knot), and slip the laces out of the velcro tube. It looks as if there may be small grabbers on one side of the velcro wrap — if that’s the case, unwrapping the velcro is also an option.

One advantage of this solution is its low-profile. In black, the wrap would be hardly noticable on a pair of men’s dress shoes; ditto for the white on a pair of standard athletic shoes. On the other hand, it’s also available in bright colors for those who love flamboyant feet.

See Lace Wraps on the website’s ‘Inventor’ page. If you bookmark it, change the name — the web developer has unfortunately named it “About the Inventor” which means you’ll never be able to remember what you bookmarked.

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