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Coloring Books For Adults

dover floral arrangementsdover arts and craftsAdults who enjoy coloring books don’t have to settle for the horrid pap that’s often handed out to children. Dover Publicatons offer an amazing line of truly thrilling coloring books.

Some of these shown here are called ‘stained glass’ because the pages are transluscent. Colored with markers (washable are fine), torn out and placed against a window, they are lovely. (Colored pencil might work as well, but crayon would probably be too opaque to allow light through.)

dover still lifedover chinese 2Other coloring books are renditions of famous paintings, which any ‘artist’ can replicate in the colors of his/her choice. Dover also offers coloring books featuring animals, historical themes, illustrations from classic tales, fashions and more.

Come to think of it, why should kids settle for less? Designs range from very simple to extremely complex — truly something for everyone.

dover arabicdover tropical flowers Priced from about $4 to $6, they won’t break the bank, either.