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Alzheimer’s Doll — We All Need Someone to Love

People with middle-to-late-Alzheimer’s (and sometimes just plain humans) often respond well to the emotions a baby doll evokes. Lee Middleton, a well-known ‘collector’ doll designer, offers a doll she calls “Someone to Care For” which she designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s. The doll’s face and limbs are extremely realistic, and he/she can even suck a tiny thumb. It’s available in light and dark skin tones, and various hair and eye colors.

Someone to Care For DollThere are less expensive baby dolls around (this one runs about $80 at The Alzheimer’s Store), but none at that price that look or feel so much like a real baby. The doll is weighted and designed to cradle just like a newborn when held, and can be posed sitting up on his/her own. Add a soft receiving blanket, and you’ve got a little bundle that can be cuddled, loved and wrapped.

And yes, I did say “people” in that first paragraph. Men, too, may feel a strong need to be caring and protective. When that need is no longer met by everyday life activities, a doll or stuffed animal may make all the difference for emotional fulfillment.

Consider searching on eBay for a cheaper price. eBay sellers may or not list the doll as “Someone to Care For” or “Alzheimer’s doll,” so it’s helpful to watch the photos in the listings.

Less expensive dolls may do the trick, as well, though the sheerly baby-like feeling of this one makes it quite unusual. The Alzheimer’s Store also has a doll meant for bathing or showering (as an aid for someone reluctant to bathe), as well as a traditional (and cheaper) baby doll.


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